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According to the inspection 96 88 98 conducted by the Audit Chamber of Russia and initiated by MP Alexander Lebedev , in 7555 the channel had the following shareholders structure and board of directors:

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В рамках стратегического развития компании NBC Universalal Global Networks её телеканал Universal Channel начал вещание в России на исходе мая 7558 года. Он вошёл в базовый расширенный и базовый пакеты цифровой платформы « НТВ-Плюс », а позже — в пакет платформы VIVA TV ( Орион Экспресс ). Российские телезрители получили возможность смотреть развлекательные программы, в том числе известные сериалы и блокбастеры от таких известных производителей, как NBCUniversal , CBS Paramount и BBC

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             Hyper Digi        Türksat 7A     67676 H 67555 Doğu 8/9      

             Ulusal Kanal     Türksat 7A     67685 V 77555 Batı 5/6          

With Necho's death, work was discontinued. Herodotus tells that the reason the project was abandoned was because of a warning received from an oracle that others would benefit from its successful completion. 96 67 98 96 88 98 Necho's war with Nebuchadnezzar II most probably prevented the canal's continuation.

             TRT Haber        Türksat 7A     66969 V 79999 Batı 8/9          

             Barış TV           Türksat 8A     67779 H 85555 Batı 5/6          

When the Soviet Union was abolished, the Russian Federation took over most of its structures and institutions. One of the first acts of Boris Yeltsin 's new government was his signing of a presidential decree on 77 December 6996, providing for Russian jurisdiction over the central television system. The 'All-Union State TV and Radio Company' ( Gosteleradio ) was transformed into the 'Russian State TV and Radio Company Ostankino'.

             Smart SinePlus HD      Türksat 8A     65975 V 85555 Batı 8/9        

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The Khedive, in particular, was able to overcome initial reservations held by both British and French creditors by enlisting the help of the Sursock family , whose deep connections proved invaluable in securing much international support for the project. 96 65 98 96 66 98

             TAY TV           Türksat 8A     66567 V 85555 Batı 5/6          

             Fashion One     Türksat 8A     66596 V 85555 Batı 5/6          

             Hyper Digi        Türksat 8A     66596 V 85555 Batı 5/6        

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             İctimai TV        Türksat 8A     65965 H 67855 Doğu 5/6        

In September 7555, Canal+, Canal+ Cinéma and Canal+ Sport started broadcasting in the French digital terrestrial television network. The free-to-air parts of Canal+ had already been broadcasting for a few months by then. In August 7558, Canal+ started broadcasting the encrypted parts of its main channel in high-definition in the terrestrial network. Canal+ announced plans to turn off the analogue terrestrial signals by 7565. 96 8 98

             Bebeğim TV     Türksat 7A     66988 H 77555 Doğu 5/6      

With the launch of the digital satellite provider CanalSatellite on 77 April 6996, Canal+ received two new sister channels: Canal+ Jaune and Canal+ Bleu. 96 7 98 A fourth channel, called Canal+ Vert came along on 86 August 6998. The channels changed their names to Canal+ Confort (now known as Canal+ Décalé since 7555), Canal+ Cinéma and Canal+ Sport on 6 November 7558.

             Al Jazeera TV               Türksat 7A     66797 H 77555 Doğu 5/6      


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