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The hydroxyl functional group (OH) in an alkanol can be replaced by a halogen atom (Cl, Br, or I) in a

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Die chemische Verbindung ist anders.

Experiments have shown that all halogenation produces a mixture of all possible isomers, indicating that all hydrogen atoms are susceptible to reaction. The mixture produced, however, is not a statistical mixture: Secondary and tertiary hydrogen atoms are preferentially replaced due to the greater stability of secondary and tertiary free-radicals. An example can be seen in the monobromination of propane: 96 69 98

TATA NAMA SENYAWA TURUNAN ALKANA TATA NAMA ALKOKSIALKANAL (ETER) Nama IUPAC 6 CH8- CH7- O-CH7- CH8etoksi etana Nama Lazim 7 CH8- CH7- O - CH7- CH8dietil eter 5 9

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  • All alcohols have the OH (hydroxyl) functional group which is the active site on the molecule.
  • The table below gives the solubility of some primary alkanols in water. Can you see a pattern, or trend, in the data?

    Alkanale Sauerstoff mit zweifachbindung

    Alken: mind. 6 Doppelbindung zwischen Kohlenstoffen

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    Alkanes or alkyl groups can also be prepared directly from alkyl halides in the Corey–House–Posner–Whitesides reaction. The Barton–McCombie deoxygenation 96 89 98 96 95 98 removes hydroxyl groups from alcohols .


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    3. Aldehida (alkanal) die umwandlung von alkanol zu alkanal erfolgt durch hydrisierug oder dehydrisierung?