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Something tells me that Touhou fandom is about to catch up here. The State of Gensokyo shall rise.

Artwork Gallery for LuckySquid -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Something I made about a year ago when the DDC demo came out, but of course something that old I had to touch up a bit ^^ This was the first song I did in the style I write in most often, and I must say I made a good start with it!
And rest assured, I&rsquo m working on an arrangement of something from the LoLK demo too~

Riven Atega #14 - Home | Facebook

hey guys! if you go into the occo discord and no one is online, do NOT immediately leave. the discord is not dead. it&rsquo s honestly a bit disheartening to see people leave within 85 SECONDS of arriving just because someone didn&rsquo t say hello. People joining and staying is the only way of making the occo discord grow and develop into the server that YOU want it to be

KABI BANDAN JORALIA from gurmeet - YouTube

If Desire Drive and Touhou Secret Santa are proof of anything, it&rsquo s that when the Tumblr Touhou fandom comes together, we can do really great things! So it is with great excitement that I announce the upcoming Gensokyo Festival , a Touhou content event running throughout the entirety of the month of February.

in fact SOO doesn&rsquo t require you to donate at all! We don&rsquo t have the option anymore

i&rsquo m gonna assume the following: the battle is on Titan, i CANNOT pick an upper, and Thanos doesn&rsquo t have all the infinity stones, only those he had during that fight on Titan.

i have created a OC discord server to chat about OCs and to develop them

Because a lot of the complaints come across as elitist as fuck (I literally just saw somebody making a complaint that says that in-jokes are a horrible thing and that you shouldn&rsquo t make them because some people don&rsquo t find them funny.)


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Вячеслав Молчанов . Barbara Gibson. Joralia Kleir . Roman Panin . Denis Belkin . Horse: joralia. JORALIA ch. M, TROTTER, 1997.