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You get four washers in total a red pair and black pair. For so few beans, they are actually quite stylish, with the Fender name engraved onto the outer ring. Note, they work for any guitar, not solely Fenders.


This latest design of strap lock from Schaller is also said to be silent. OK. We agree. They are. The only thing is we can’t quite see how this is any kind of advantage. Honestly, all the other strap locks we’ve seen, or rather not heard, have been noiseless. Also, when your guitars turned up to 66, who cares? Other than Schaller, that is.

Fender Strap Locks

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Having a strap detach can result in serious damage to your guitar. Sweetwater carries a wide variety of guitar strap locks that will protect your instrument while giving you the option of adding a touch of class to your axe. Strap locks are easy to install. The base attaches just like any typical strap button, and the cap attaches securely to your favorite strap. A groove-and-ball design ensures that you're free to move, so other than not having to worry about your strap falling off, you won't notice a difference in the way your guitar feels.

Ask any seasoned guitarist at Sweetwater, and you'll hear the same thing: a set of strap locks is one of the best inexpensive investments you can make in your instrument. They're especially important if you play live, and since they're capable of withstanding hundreds of pounds of pull, you don't have to worry about your axe ever hitting the stage. Buying a new guitar? Don't want to install them yourself? No problem. Ask your Sales Engineer about having your guitar strap locks installed by one of our professional guitar techs.

Fender® Strap Blocks 4-Pack, Black (2) and Red (2)

This is a similar system to the other three we’ve already reviewed. It’s a mid-price ranged alternative to all systems of this type, though it is not as well known as any of the others.

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Unlike a lot of alternate strap lock systems available, Schaller uses hardened steel in their products. This is a German company, after all. It makes their high level of engineering and manufacturing hardly surprising.

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Once fitted, the two separate parts slide together into a horseshoe-like housing with a reassuring click. Once in situ, they’re going nowhere until you pull the knob to detach them. A great design making them one of the best electric guitar strap locks.

All the best guitar strap locks we look at today can be used with electric, bass or acoustic guitar straps.

Once installed, the guitar strap can be locked or unlocked by pinching both sides of the release mechanism. This operates really smoothly, and though it requires very little pressure, its two-sided operation makes it almost impossible to inadvertently engage.

They’re also available in a choice of four different colors, so matching them with your guitar hardware won’t be a problem.

Fender "F" Straplocks are designed for simple, no-hassle performance and reliability. Design features include: A secure and simple release action system which holds up to 655 pounds. Simple, removable fastening cap allows you to change straps effortlessly.

The overall quality isn’t as high as some others on this list, but this set still holds up in terms of functionality, performance and security. A very good budget option.

Care needs to be taken when choosing the best acoustic guitar strap locks. And a number of the ones we 8767 ve covered won 8767 t do a very good job. The majority of electric guitars have their strap buttons is very roughly the same place, but that isn 8767 t the case with acoustics. Often they are either behind the heel, which makes two-piece systems uncomfortable. Or they can be found in a similar position to those on electric guitars, in which case you should be OK.

Two pairs of basic but solid washer locks from Fender.

So, here are seven options for you to consider, plus a free cost suggestion, to keep your guitar off the floor and where it belongs.


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